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Service Schedule Week of 3/20/16

Posted in Church Schedule Change on March 21, 2016 by readerjohn

Don’t forget to check the Church service calendar monthly (note the “Monthly Calendar” pick list at the top). “Extra” services aren’t always announced Sunday morning.

This week, in addition to the usual Lenten Presanctified Liturgy at 6:30 Wednesday, we have two extra liturgies:

  1. 6:30 Thursday, Annunciation is anticipated. Yes, when God became a child, he gestated in the Theotokos for 9 months. No, reading OrthodoxWiki isn’t just as good as coming to the Liturgy. Bonus: fish, wine and oil are allowed on this feast Friday (but doncha think you should go to the Liturgy if you want to relax the fast? Just sayin’.)
  2. 9:45 Saturday, Soul Saturday 2.

Reader John