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No Matins today

Posted in Church Schedule Change on February 16, 2014 by readerjohn

St. Alexis: No Matins this Morning – just 3rd and 6th Hours commencing 9 am, followed by Liturgy, followed by pizza and the much-delayed annual parish meeting.


St. Alexis annual meeting postponed

Posted in Church Schedule Change on February 8, 2014 by readerjohn

From Father Gregory regarding the Saint Alexis parish Annual Meeting:

Dear Ones in Christ,

Having polled the council members, I wish to announce that we will move our Annual Meeting to the 16th of February.  Snow is forecast for tomorrow, perhaps again early Sunday.  It may not be a major accumulation, but…these days, it’s hard to tell.  We have some families who have been snow-bound for the past couple of weeks, not to mention the illnesses that have troubled others. So…it’s the 16th, and let’s all pray for good weather!  

Anyone who can is encouraged to bring something for coffee hour this Sunday; we had planned pizza for all, but that will not be provided until next weekend, prior to the meeting.  Thanks ahead of time for being understanding; I’d much rather have been able to meet in January, but some of the same rough weather dogged us then as well.  So…hope to see you this Sunday as well as next!

Unworthy priest,

Fr. Gregory

Weather conditions February 2

Posted in News on February 2, 2014 by readerjohn

The Saint Alexis parking lot was quite treacherous at Vespers February 1: rain over packed snow now turned to ice.

Father Gregory will try to get our plowing service out to salt the ice rink liberally, but just in case, be careful driving in, turning into your spot, and especially getting in and out of your car.