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St. Alexis Parish Meeting April 29 Cancelled

Posted in Church Schedule Change, News on April 23, 2012 by readerjohn

As Father Deacon Alex announced after Typica this morning, the Parish Meeting April 29 is cancelled.

A thorough analysis of our finances is complete. Bids are in on the building. We know what it would cost to build now, and we are about $118,000 short of having the funds to build.

  • We have $290,000 in the Building Fund.
  • We have $50,000 in unfulfilled pledges to the Building Fund.
  • We anticipate netting $100,000 from the current building (down from the $120,000 we had assumed, but the lower figure is based on a professional competitive market analysis). We can borrow against that until it sells.
  • Banks would lend us $310,000 of permanent mortgage based on our history of giving, an assumption of a slight increase, and (perhaps to an extent) the value of the current plan if built.
  • The design would cost $820,000 to $870,000 to build (and we budget $870,000 hoping for few contingencies against the $50,000 contingency allowance).

Work to close that gap is continuing – mostly trying to raise the extra funds rather than to cut “muscle” from the design. But no vote in favor would allow us to break ground in May, so a meeting April 29 is pointless.


John Zarras, Memory Eternal!

Posted in News on April 4, 2012 by readerjohn

John Zarras, father of Pete Zarras (who accidentally introduced me to Orthodoxy and formerly attended St. Alexis), has reposed April 1 at age 72, of carcinoid/neuroendocrine cancer.

John was a retired air freight executive who, having served on the St. Vladimir Seminary Board for some years, entered seminary in retirement and then became a Deacon in the OCA.

If you wish to make a donation to the cure of this disease in his honor, click here.