Why Fr. Andrew Loves True Religion

In response to “standard, monergistic, anti-ecclesial, sentimentalist Evangelical” silliness (the twist being the it was delivered in a YouTube rap/rant), Fr. Andrew Steven Damick posted an irenic point-by-point response.

It was is if he had proposed to abolish Social Security – the famous “third rail of politics.” 19,000+ people viewed the blog, and many of them intended to use the comboxes to shout down Fr. Andrew or convert him (back) to a preference for cotton candy when he’s glimpsed the King’s Great Banquet.  Mindful of the proverb about dogs returning to vomit, he declined.

I can’t help but view his Tuesday blog as a further response of sorts.

I spent roughly 30 years in some variant of Evangelicalism before I became equivocally Evangelical/Calvinist (it wasn’t clear to me that the two were really compatible because of Evangelicalism’s dominant bad eschatology, Dispensationalism, which Calvinists traditionally rejected, but I still felt kinship with Evangelicals).

20 years later still, I left that all – Evangelicalism and Calvinism – for Orthodoxy, still feeling that millions of Evangelicals just needed to hear Orthodoxy to heed it and embrace it. To me, Orthodoxy felt like the fulfillment of nearly 50 years of errant Christian life, and I assumed that others would feel the same.

Nearly 15 more years has left me doubting that. I’m afraid, for reasons I still haven’t deciphered, that most Evangelicals are content to wallow with the pigs and eat the pigs’ leftovers (conformity to, and slavish imitation of, it, mainstream culture, including the Evangelical rapper’s imitation, no doubt, of some mainstream rapper in style if not in substance).

Father Andrew is ever so much nicer and more thorough that I. I commend to you the video and his 2 (or is it 3?) responses. It may be important to read because this is the kind of spiritual nonsense which dominates North America’s faux-Christian culture, at least in the imaginations of the mainstream press. (I’ve never been “mainstream” Protestant, so I cannot say if it’s sounder, nor do I know whether, although ignored by the press, its totals exceed those of Evangelicals.)

If you are keenly interested, some guy blogging as “Tipsy Teetotaler,” with a writing style suspiciously like my own, but less inhibited, has also commented on this stuff. I’ll leave you to Google him if you like.

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  1. FWIW, the 19,000+ was just in a single day. Over the course of the three days I had comments open, there were over 34,000 hits on that one post. It’s now about 38,000.

    People baffle me.

  2. How and where can I contact local lafayette orthodox information. I’m not sure of my denomination as the country I from repress christianity so we are only recognized to each other as either catholic or protestant. Recently in U.S I have been participating in evangelism denomination, when I am interested in more traditional branch of christian faith now.

    • Yosef:
      There is just one Orthodox Church in Lafayette, St. Alexis, at 1418 S. 24th Street in Lafayette. the website is http://www.saintalexis.org, and the “About Orthodoxy” page has links to much information.
      Perhaps we’ll meet you some Sunday soon. One of our icons is of St. John Maximovich, who was a Bishop in Shanghai before he came to San Francisco.
      Reader John

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