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Building Program Status

Posted in News on August 29, 2011 by readerjohn

Today was the time for the congregation to see and discuss the plans. The Architect, KJG, came through with some beautiful renderings in time for the meeting. With Tecton Construction Management functioning as general contractor, we feel we’ve got a pretty good handle on the costs, even with no firm bids yet.

Roberts Rules of Order are designed to let the deliberate (adj.) majority have its will while allowing a minority to force the majority to deliberate (v.). We deliberated for nearly 3 hours, with me chairing. The consensus strongly seems to be that the design is wonderful, and we want to build it.

Now a few more financial hurdles!

It seems to me as I digest the lessons of the past few months, and of the meeting today, that banks don’t know quite what to make of a parish that has always risen to every financial challenge — but then has settled into a fairly low level of routine giving. For that matter, many members of the parish don’t know that to make of that, either.

If I’m right about that, our biggest financial challenge may be increasing general fund giving above our immediate needs if only to prove ourselves creditworthy.

Stay tuned. But also, if you wish, feed back your thoughts.

Roger Bennett