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Symbolism and Neuroplasticity

Posted in Meditative on October 28, 2010 by readerjohn

Symbolism and Neuroplasticity: the work of the mind in the brain is a fascinating vignette. I’d love to read more.

I have said that it’s a privilege to sing so many of the Church’s regular services, allowing things to seep through my thick skull, but this wasn’t really on my radar.


Parish size and zeal

Posted in Meditative on October 5, 2010 by readerjohn

New census information (not the U.S. Census) shows the Orthodox at about 0.34% of the U.S. Population. St. Alexis’s diocese is in a dead heat for smallest average parish size, but at the top for percentage of members in attendance on a typical Sunday.

I suspect there’s a correlation there, not just a coincidence. I’m not sure a big sacramental Church can be more than a “sacrament factory” unless it has multiple priests — to hear confession, for instance, and then to respond in a way that’s healing.

There’s other information here as well.